Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shop & Support

Unique items, be it clothes, furniture, etc..., are great in theory, but can be quite pricey. Which is why sometimes, despite my intense urges, I avoid boutique shopping. But, tomorrow is the perfect day to splurge a little. Thursday, March 20, 2008 is officially a "give a little, get a little (or a lot, depending)" kind of day. In addition to having one-of-a-kind finds, a number of the U-street boutiques are teaming together to help Miriam's Kitchen, a local organization that provides nutritious breakfast to homeless individuals everyday of the week. So you bring in one item, which the store will then donate, and you get some kind of discount (varies depending on the store) off your purchase!

Click here for a breakdown of the stores, their location and what you need to bring to save!

And just on a personal note, I recommend Nana. They have really cute clothing items, and the people that work there are incredibly friendly. Also, it isn't mentioned on the pamphlet, but they are giving a 15% discount if you bring in vitamins. If you buy something, they will probably ask you to be on their listserv; a certain blogger (ahem) may already be on it, and she thinks that the deals and insights are superb.

U St. between 15th and 17th, NW
6 to 9 PM