Saturday, March 8, 2008

this spring so far

Things I have tickets for and am excited about (in order of date)-

The Hives and The Donnas (tonight!)

The Complete History of America (Abridged)

Grande Fete de la Francophonie 2008

Major Barbara


The Flying Dutchman

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks

Wizards game


Shecky’s Night Out (technically excited about open bar for five hours)


hello there strangers

Okay, I’m back to blogging. Midwinter blues, a non-functioning internet connection at home and too much to do at work have kept me from writing up all the exciting things to do in the city! The weather is finally getting marginally warmer! Soon we’ll be able to drink outside, picnic on the mall, you get the idea.

Thoughts from the winter-

Argonautika at the Shakespeare Theatre was fabulous. Funny, dramatic, inventive. The ending dragged on but besides that, two thumbs up for Mary Zimmerman. I wish I had been writing here because I would have recommended you get a ticket immediately.

The Kogod Courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery is fantastic. One of my (relatively) new favorite spots to meet up with a friend, have a glass (okay actually two) of wine, and chat. Some of the garbage cans say “thank you” when you deposit your trash.

Museums on the weekends in winter (and especially over three day weekends) are insane with small children. But the people watching is priceless.

If you don’t want to dodge small children and the strollers they should ride in, stick with quieter ones like the Freer and Sackler, African Art, and ones that cost some money. Save the monsters (Natural History, Air and Space, NGA) for a day you take off of work to treat yourself to what DC has to offer.

Seriously, take a day (or at least an afternoon) off, convince a friend to meet you for a long lunch, go to a museum, go to E Street to take advantage of matinee prices (warning-no alcohol is served there on weekdays until 5pm. Lesson learned the hard way!). You will be happy you did it.

Making mini pizzas on pita with lots of veggies is a quick and easy dinner for one. Do not make one when you are really drunk and put your hand in the toaster oven and burn the crap out of your finger. That kind of thing has potential to put you off mini pizzas forever.

I highly recommend getting a facial at the Aveda Institute. Because they are students, the facials are cheaper than going to spas. For $45 my facial lasted 1.5 hours. And they use terms like “sensory journey”- you can’t lose.

I had a pretty good restaurant week experience at Acadiana. Refreshing after years of terrible Restaurant Week experiences.

Sit at the bar at Red Rocks and eat too many olives.

Take advantage of Netflix Instant Watching. It’s unlimited now. Exactly what I need is more time in front of the computer.

Heritage India serves monster glasses of wine at happy hour.