Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't go it alone

In these troubled economic times, free movies and cheap beer alone will not bring you financial stability (although it may make it temporarily easier to forget about). There's a ton of advice flurrying around out there, but if you don't have plans to buy a house any time soon and you're decades from retirement a lot of it isn't terribly relevant. Ramit Sethi's Save $1000 in 30 Days Challenge on the other hand is geared towards trimming everyday expenses but does "not include [outdated term for learning disabled] suggestions like 'Start a garden' or 'Buy day-old food from bakeries.'" So far he's only gotten through 5 tips but I think number 4 is one of the most helpful for young people: "Involve Your Friends in Your Savings Challenge." It's easy enough to say you'll save money on going out, but if you're the only one you know trying to do so you'll be pretty lonely. On the other hand, trying to get your friends on board will make it a lot easier to socialize without drinking away your budget, and you might even get people to rethink the dreaded group birthday dinner.

Free Makeup Consultations

Friday, November 7, and Saturday, November 8: Tim Quinn, a well-known celebrity makeup artist with Giorgio Armani, will be holding free group technique classes and personal makeup consultations by appointment only at the Chevy Chase Saks Fifth Avenue. The group classes will be lightly catered with Champagne, fruit, and cheese. For appointments, call 240-497-5206.

(from the Washingtonian)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rob Riggle at Sixth & I

If you can't get enough of Rob Riggle's muscular idiocy on the Daily Show, mark your calendars- he'll be at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue on February 19. Tickets here.

Election Night (Part 2)

If you have a pulse and a TV, chances are you're either sick to death of hearing about the election for the past two years, or so nervous about the results that if you can't distract yourself, you may get an ulcer. For those who want to get through Tuesday night without seeing a single red and blue map, here's a few non-election related activities. We can't guarantee, however, that you won't overhear someone whispering about the numbers from Ohio while furiously tapping on their iPhone.

Adams Morgan First Tuesdays: Restaurants and retailers in AdMo offer discounts on the first Tuesday of every month. Hit up Bourbon, Grill from Ipanema, or one of many other participants (scroll down a ways) with someone who promises not to address you as "my friend", and the two of you could eat and drink for just $25.

Tonic: It is both Wine Night- get a free bottle of wine with the purchase of two entrees and an appetizer- and Taco Night- 50 Cent Tacos and $ 4.00 Sam Adams Seasonal Draft. Sounds like a pretty great night either way.

Free Starbucks for voters

Bring proof that you voted-does the sticker count?-to Starbucks on Tuesday and you'll get a free tall coffee. Also, check out the heated debate in the comments section of the post linked below about whether the offer constitutes an illegal incentive to vote under California law. Nice to see that discussions like that happen outside D.C.

Starbucks Gossip: Vote on Tuesday and get a free tall brewed coffee from Starbucks