Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Major Barbara

I went to the Sunday matinee of Shaw’s Major Barbara. Three generations attended the show- myself, my father, and my grandfather. I’m certainly no theater critic, so I can’t offer any deep insights on the show but in my opinion, no matter what age, this show is highly enjoyable. The audience loved it, clapping after the best lines with laughter. The actors were wonderful especially Ted van Griethuysen who played Andrew Undershaft and Helen Carey as Lady Britomart Undershaft. It was my first show at the Harman, which is certainly a beautiful place (BUT do NOT get me started on the bathroom and food/beverage situation). However, I wonder if the intimacy of the Lansburgh may have served the show better. I have to agree with other reviews that I’ve read which commented on some muffled dialogue. I’m not sure if this is a matter of the large space for the actors to fill or the actors themselves. Besides those remarks, I highly recommend it. Plus, for those of you who are under 35, you can stop by the Sidney Harman Hall Box Office (610 F St. NW) or call 202-547-1122 to get one of the 20 pairs of tickets priced at $10. ID is required to pick up tickets.