Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anniversary Party and Sale at Pulp

I love sending mail, but am constantly frustrated by the sorry state of the greeting card market. Once you get past the most obviously offensive tacky lacy sparkly section, there's not much left besides the Far Side and black and white pictures of little kids. If you need a card for that special someone in your life who's having a birthday (and freaking out about it), getting married (to the man of his dreams), or about to have a kid (which means she can finally go back to hitting the bottle) and CVS can't quite capture your sentiment, Pulp is a great place to start. Their card selection can accommodate any point on the taste spectrum, they have a great kids' book section, and more brightly colored tongue-in-cheek tchotchkes than anyone could ever wish for. And this Saturday they're celebrating their anniversary with cake and Champagne from 11am "until we run out." You can also pick up a coupon for $5 off of any $25 purchase valid until March 31st; and on Friday after 5pm , you'll automatically get 5% off.

Pulp anniversary event
Saturday, March 29 at 11 am
1803 14th St., NW (at S St.)