Monday, November 5, 2007


Yesterday I saw The Taming of the Shrew at the Shakespeare Theatre (the Lansburgh Theatre- I have to get used to there being TWO Shakespeare Theatres now). The play is a lot of fun; fun for the audience and fun for the cast. It runs through November 25 (just extended from the 18th) so you still have time to catch it. Really, I’m pretty lame and just love the movie Ten Things I Hate About You (this movie even manages to overcome my slight disdain for Julia Stiles) so I spent time comparing the movie (which is just loosely based on the play) and the performance I saw.

The play’s message at times can be hard to stomach, but the company had a fun inside joke at the end that made everything A-OK for me.

In my estimation, this very well could be the play selected for the Free for All next summer so even if you don’t see if now, you may have the opportunity later. It’s audience friendly with loud costumes and a crazy set so just the right fit for the Carter Barron Amphitheatre in Rock Creek Park.

This season looks like it will be fantastic with two historical Shakespeare plays, a George Bernard Shaw, The Argonautika (a retelling of the tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece), the two Christopher Marlowe (also playing now) and Molière!

Don’t think that seeing these shows isn’t affordable, because it finally is! For those folks 35 or younger, you can pick up $10 tickets starting at 10 AM every Tuesday at the Harman box office. There are only 20 pairs so you may want to try to make it on Tuesday. There are full-time students $10 preview-week tickets and $10 rush tickets.