Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hoopla Closing Sale

I know that it is easy to be swept away by the amazing and unique designs of your corner Anne Taylor, but DC really does have some great boutique shopping. Whenever I walk into a boutique, I think to myself, "YES! Yes, THIS is how I want to dress." Then I look at the price tag of my new favorite find, and I look down at my H&M purse, and I look back at the tag, and I think (shoulders shrugged) "No, this is really not how I am able to dress." Sigh. And after going through this on a monthly (ha, weekly...what...fine...daily?) occasion, I have discovered that boutique sales is one of the greatest things to happen to my young professional wardrobe.

This sale, I'm a bit bittersweet about, because it is a closing sale. Hoopla is closing. This is a eco-friendly store with something for everyone. I could go with my art teacher mom, and my paralegal self, and we could both find something great. They also have jewelry and small house items, which would make great holiday gifts.

(Also, since I'm talking about boutiques, a friendly reminder that today is the Shopping Social on U-street. See previous post below.)