Thursday, September 4, 2008

DC Libary Downloads

The DC public library system has plenty of issues, but it still beats shelling out $25 for a book you'll probably only read once. And even the greatest program in the world wouldn't be able to remove the hassle of actually going to a library, right? No longer! The truck pictured here is the "Digital Bookmobile," which has partnered with the DC public library to raise awareness about the library's digital media collection. On the Digital Bookmobile you can download free audiobooks, ebooks, music, and video to your laptop or some portable music players, including the iPod. It's parked at the site of the old convention center on H and 10th. After it leaves town, you can access the library's digital collection by downloading software from the library's website. You're not going to find every title on your Netflix queue or reading list, but it's worth a look.

Downloadable Media at the DC Public Library