Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adams Morgan Day

I've noticed it's getting darker, hints of yellow are blossoming on the leaves, fall is quickly approaching. Take advantage of the gorgeous end of summer/beginning of fall weather and come out to Adams Morgan Day! What, Adams Morgan is alive, awake and running during the day?! Shocking, I know. I had a hard time believing it at first too. Adams Morgan makes for a great stroll without the lingering waft of Jumbo Slice (and etc.)

Sunday the street is closed off to cars and will be celebrating local vendors and local performs. Food and fun for the whole family.

In the very least, you should check out Batala, who will be performing on the Dance Stage (basketball courts) at 1:30pm. They're an all-female afro-brazilian drum band and amazing (it may be that one of the blog writers is in the band).

Adams Morgan Day
18th St. NW, between Florida Ave and Columbia