Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't just eat mixed nuts for dinner! Read this blog instead!

The New York Times, this week, published an article on the 1385432434 twenty-somethings living in New York on a budget...a budget for many of them meaning peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and no dinner (let me just make it clear right now that i love pb&js...but i also love dinner). "Every year around this time, tens of thousands of postcollegiate people in their 20s flood the city despite its soaring expenses. They are high on ambition, meager of budget and endlessly creative when it comes to making ends meet"...and I was one of those people, except strike New York and replace it with Washington DC. In fact, I have to say that I think DC, excluding real estate, gives New York a run for its money when it comes to expenses. While food carts are quickly popping up (see Anne's posting below), but they are far fewer cheap food options here, and there is much less of a competition when it comes to sales.

The supposed endless creativity of these neoteric New Yorkers is more of a laundry list on how to skimp on meals, name-brand clothes, getting strangers to buy drinks, and yes, tapping the friend-keg. And, I say, why be the DC-equivalent? Why just eat grapefruit for lunch? Especially, when you can read this blog. :) But I guess if you are reading this posting, you are in fact, reading this blog, so way to go you.

...there is something, something great, about finding a good deal and knowing that you have a few extra dollars to buy one more drink (or whatever) later. To read the article, click here.