Monday, April 21, 2008

AFI: A Dream in Doubt

The AFI hosts a number of old, new, indie, bizarre...well, practically every type of movie. While E-street Cinema does a great job with their weekly art-house films, in addition to their almost main-stream indie collection, AFI defines the phrase "art-house cinema". Plus they got some of those regular movies too! If you haven't ever had a chance to check out the Silver Spring AFI, or if you are like me, and going back is on your list of things to do, tonight is a great night to make that a reality.

This evening (Monday April 21), the AFI is having a free screening of A Dream in Doubt. The movie focuses on a close-knit community of families who experienced a wave of frightening hate crimes in the aftermath of 9/11. Rana Singh Sodhi, a 36-year-old Indian immigrant, finds his life forever altered by the 9/11 terror attacks because his turban and beard became symbols of the terrorists who attacked America. Rana's eldest brother, Balbir—who also was bearded and wore a turban—was America's first post-9/11 hate crime murder victim, gunned down at his gas station by a man who claimed he was rooting out a terrorist.

(just off the Silver Spring metro)