Thursday, November 1, 2007

Night O' Free Hennessy

Free cocktails at Tapatini’s at 10pm tonight. Hennessy is the sponsor this week so drink away while supplies last. Just remember to leave a nice tip for the hard-working bartenders.

From the wikipedia entry on Hennessy: (please read, it’s amusing and I'll be ordering Crunk Juice tonight)

Cocktail recipes have also been popularized, such as combining Hennessy with Red Bull energy drink to form Crunk Juice, a cocktail popularized by crunk-artists Lil Jon, the Eastside Boyz, and the Ying Yang Twins. A drink called Sin, made popular by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, includes equal proportions of Hennessy and gin. Rappers Xzibit, DMX, 2Pac, Nas, 50 Cent, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, The Game, P.Diddy and Kanye West also frequently talk of drinking straight Hennessy in their lyrics, as does the group Digital Underground in its song "The Humpty Dance". In the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond, rescued by a St. Bernard in Switzerland, curtly dismisses the dog and tells him to bring Five Star Hennessy. It is also commonly mixed with Hpnotiq to form a popular drink called Incredible Hulk.

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