Monday, November 26, 2007


Since it’s raining, it may be the perfect night to see a movie. I recently saw Beowulf and No County for Old Men. Both are violent. I made an exceedingly poor choice and did not see Beowulf in 3D which is presumably better. I found the movie somewhat boring and I would have preferred to just see a live action movie as opposed to the animation (while I’m sure it was very technologically impressive). No Country for Old Men was great. Violent without being gratuitously so. Javier Bardem- excellent.

The night I saw Beowulf, I had dinner at Sushi-go-Round. The sushi was reasonable, the seaweed salad was not tasty. I like the small portions on the conveyor belt because you can try new things in smaller quantities. Sushi-go-Round is also a good option for someone catching a movie because you can start eating as soon as you get there- no need to wait for a server!