Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ladies Only

Next Tuesday, EcoWomen is having an event featuring Jessy Tolkan, currently serving as Challenge Campaign Director for Energy Action Coaltion.

A bit about Jessy:

“Jessy is a rock star of youth voting and empowerment. She got her start as
a student activist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she earned
her degree in Political Science and African-American Studies. While at
UW-Madison her work included organizing student vote coalitions in 2000
and 2002, helping to elect Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin to office, and
engaging students in local politics through her own bid for the Madison
City Council at age 19. After graduation, Jessy worked as the Wisconsin
State Director for the New Voters Project, registering over 130,000 18-24
year old voters across the state and helping to produce one of the highest
youth voter turnout rates in the country, a historic 11% increase in youth
voter turnout in the US, the largest increase since 18 year-olds got the
right to vote. Jessy was recently named one of the "Real Hot 100=94
( ).

Jessy has just coordinated Energy Action Coalition's organizing efforts to
coordinate PowerShift, , the first national youth summit to solve the
climate crisis. This event brought in over 5,000 youth to organize and
educate congress of the importance making climate change a priority.”

Tuesday November 13
Teaism @ 8th & D Streets
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Good stuff.