Friday, October 19, 2007

Saturday on H St

ahhhhhmygod! This is so super awesome. On Saturday, Brightest Young Things is hosting their third installment of Styleistics at Rock and Roll Hotel. Basically it’s a local designer showcase but there will be lots of other cool stuff like FREE champagne, a beauty lounge, and some amazing DJs. And once all of that ends, there is a Garutachi afterparty. This is from the website “Be there at 7. Shop. Drink free champagne. Win beers. Get puma and modular giveaways. Get your hair styled for free. Drink more free champagne. And then stay late for a dance night featuring ALL YOUR FAVORITE DANCE NIGHTS WRAPPED INTO ONE.” Apparently there will be a beer bong contest.

Rock and Roll Hotel
1353 H St NE

Since you will so obviously be in NE on Saturday, I highly recommend having dinner at Dr. Granville Moore’s first. There are 40-50 beers to choose from, damn good mussels, and FRITES with GARLIC MAYO. When I went with my dear mother we did not have any problems with service and our waitress recommended a beer even my non-beer-enjoying mom liked. I have heard some other reviews less enthralled with the service so I would budget more than enough time to get over to STYLEISTICS for free champagne at 7pm.

Dr. Granville Moore’s
1238 H St NE

If you don’t feel like sticking around for the Garutachi afterparty at Rock and Roll Hotel, just walk down the street to Palace of Wonders. Apparently something exists called the Burlesque University where for six weeks one can learn the art of burlesque through rigorous training. And on Saturday, at Palace of Wonders, you can see the results of such training for just $10. The show starts at 10pm.

Palace of Wonders
1210 H St NE